Are you ready to harness the power of Messenger™ Chatbot Automation?

Messenger™ Chatbots are the perfect way to...

Build your list, give excellent customer service, answer frequently asked questions, create contests and of course increase your monthly revenue by 10 to 35%.

Messenger Bots

Are you ready to harness the power of Messenger Marketing automation to increase the sales for your eCommerce brand?

Messenger Bots are the perfect way to...

Build your list, give excellent customer service, answer frequently asked questions, create contests and of course increase your monthly revenue by 10 to 35%.

Messenger Bots

Shannon’s marketing expertise and knowledge is extraordinary. She combines her knowledge of various digital marketing principles and strategies with powerful automation tools and technologies to successfully drive results for your business. Do you want to increase sales? Hire Shannon!

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The Future of Marketing Automation, Sales & Customer Support is finally here!

Automated Messenger™ Campaigns Out Perform Traditional Marketing Methods by 80%!

Leverage Facebook, and soon Instagram to send automated Messenger™ chatbots to increase your...

4x Open Rates

Open Rates

Automated Messenger™ chatbots get 4 times more opens than email. 

Building your list has never been easier or faster!

15x Click Through Rates

Click-Through Rates

Automated Messenger™ chatbots get 15 times more click-through than email. 

Keep your subscribers interested in every word your type.

80% More Engagement

Engagement Rates

Automated Messenger™ chatbots get 80 times more engagement than email. 

Keep your subscribers moving through with calls to action.

How We Help You Grow?

Why Messenger Bots are a Win-Win for YOU!

Complete Automation

Complete Automation

Messenger Chatbots automate everything, without you being online. 

Generate more sales, answer frequently asked questions, and nurture your leads.

Increase Revenue

Increase Monthly Revenue

Facebook has 1.3 billion active users, and 8 billion messages inside Messenger, being exchanged between businesses and consumers every month with open rates between 70% and 80%.

No Landing Page or Email

Landing Page & Email

Click to Messenger (CTM) campaigns are the fastest and easiest way to build your list.

No need for a landing page or email opt-in. Want to engage with your Messenger subscribers? Easy...send a Sponsored Message.

Why Messenger Bots are a Win-Win for your CUSTOMERS!

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Satisfaction

It is proven that 54% of customers are more likely to shop with businesses that can get an instant response from, without having to wait around. 

With chatbots, the responses are instant and 24/7.

Buy More Products

More Add To Carts

40% of the population say that they engage with chatbots on a daily basis. 

Companies that utilized chatbots were able to increase their customer spend by over 50% and more!

24/7 Customer Service

24 - Hour Service

83% of online shoppers said they need support before making a purchase, and if they do not get that, you’ll lose potential sales! 

Buyers want to see more shops using chatbots since they do not want any delays in responses.

I have been in business for 37 years. One of the best business decisions I have made over the years has been to hire Shannon's company. Our relationship has been extremely beneficial and has helped me obtain new customers. I don't think I could have accomplished it on my own. Shannon and her team are professionals. I highly recommend hiring Shannon and Up Automation for anyone that is looking to grow and scale their business.

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Package Options

All packages include: Custom copy for each phase of the process. Content creation and images specific to your campaign and brand. Coaching, Weekly Check-in calls, Ongoing Optimization, and analytic reporting stats.

BASIC $1,997 mo

  • Connect, Engage & Follow Up

Includes: Module 1 & Module 3

STANDARD $2,497 mo

Connect, Engage, Follow Up & Influence

Includes: Module 1, Module 3, Module 4

PREMIUM $2,997 mo

Connect, Engage, Follow Up, Influence & Retarget

Includes: All Modules

* Cancelation and Refund Policy: No commitment required, however due to the level of work involved
setting up your LinkedIn Lead Generation system, if you cancel mid-way through the setup process, there are no refunds.
Cancelations must be in writing 14 days before your next billing cycle. 

Proof That Messenger Works! Check Out These Case Studies!

Blender Eyewear Case Study

Blenders Eyewear

The online sunglasses shop reached its most engaged audience by placing sponsored messages in Messenger, increasing its return on ad spend by 7.5X. - Review This Case Study

Happy Socks Case Study

Happy Socks

The colorful online retailer kicked up sales of its socks during Christmas and Valentine’s Day through a playful Messenger campaign—resulting in an average 2.7X return on ad spend. - Review This Case Study

Haven Life Insurance Case Study

Haven Life Insurance

The digital life insurance agency used custom bots for Messenger to increase customer engagement and acquisitions, resulting in a 12% lift in completed quote forms at a 23% lower cost per lead. - Review This Case Study

Letting you guys all know that I endorse anything Shannon has for value and tips!

(And no she is NOT financially tied to me) She is just always up for sharing her ideas, tips and agency expertise, and everything she says is GOLD! So I had to endorse her post!! 

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Angie Norris

Build, Grow and Monetize Faster with Messenger!

The Many Features of Facebook Messenger Automation

Build & Integrate

Messenger automation can seamlessly integrate with all your web platforms, sales funnel builders, CRM's and analytic reporting tools.

With effortless customization we can add your branding, memes, gifs, videos & even timed delays to ‘humanize’ your conversations.

Grow Your Business

Build your list faster and easier, Qualify leads, Nurture prospects, Take payments, and Create contests & promotions.

Messenger uses powerful AI to analyzes user input with keywords & comment triggers to send relevant replies.

Monetize $$$

Add subscribers using Facebook Ads, import your existing lists, and engage your following. 

With 80% Engagement rates, send a Sponsored message to all your subscribers promoting your sales, free shipping weekends, special offers and Buyer Thank You ads.

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