Have you considered leveraging your  LinkedIn profile to fill your calendar with calls from your ideal prospects?

Schedule a time to learn more, and after our call, I will send you my 8 Point Checklist to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile.  

How would you like to fill your calendar with hand picked,
without knocking on doors,
relying on referrals, or cold calling?

LinkedIn, the untapped resource where all your ideal clients are hiding in plain sight.

Are you a successful business owner, who struggles with getting new clients in the door? If you are, then you're in the right place!

With a combination of LinkedIn and Email Marketing, we will implement a micro-targeted, multi-touch LinkedIn Lead Generation system that will hand pick your ideal prospects, start a conversation, and then deliver them straight to you for the next level of engagement.

In as little as a 48 hours from launch, your company will go from not knowing where your next client will come from to having a predictable, sustainable flow of new business FULL of the exact clients you actually want to work with.

LinkedIn Lead Generation System

Module 1: Connect

We use a data-centric approach to define a micro-targeted audience for your campaign, then implement cutting-edge tactics for audience targeting and outreach to open the conversation and create a relationship with your prospective customers.

Module 2: Retarget

 We re-engage with them by inviting them to a custom, campaign-specific landing page and activating a low-cost, high-efficiency remarketing display ads campaign created for you by our team of proven copywriting and advertising experts.

Module 3: Follow Up

After building a relationship-based list of micro-targeted prospects, Module 3 activates a series of powerful, sales-focused follow-up emails. We have learned there's a proven sequence and cadence that will deliver results like no other email campaign. 

Module 4: Influence

Building another multi-touch point on the relationships you’ve been making; Module 4 keeps your company’s name and area of expertise in front of your prospects by providing these additional key elements to help ensure your success.

Package Options

All packages include: Custom copy for each phase of the process. Content creation and images specific to your campaign and brand. Coaching, Weekly Check-in calls, Ongoing Optimization, and analytic reporting stats.

BASIC $1,997 mo

  • Connect, Engage & Follow Up

Includes: Module 1 & Module 3

STANDARD $2,497 mo

Connect, Engage, Follow Up & Influence

Includes: Module 1, Module 3, Module 4

PREMIUM $2,997 mo

Connect, Engage, Follow Up, Influence & Retarget

Includes: All Modules

* Cancelation and Refund Policy: No commitment required, however due to the level of work involved
setting up your LinkedIn Lead Generation system, if you cancel mid-way through the setup process, there are no refunds.
Cancelations must be in writing 14 days before your next billing cycle. 

6 Bookings in 24 hours!

"In the last 24 hours of getting started, I have had six people schedule meetings with me! This is friggin awesome!"

Jamie Cooper

You need my secret weapon!  

"Are you tired of guessing, experimenting, and posting updates all over LinkedIn with nothing to show for it? You need my secret weapon, Shannon Kuykendall, she doesn't mess around with all those worn out posting, searching, and waiting for the phone to ring ideas. She is the real deal! She will show you how to use LinkedIn to generate leads for your ideal clients like a ninja warrior. No more guesswork - just clients."

Linda James Bennett

Best decision I have ever made for my business!

I have been in business for over 37 years. One of the best business decisions I have made over the years was to hire Shannon's company to assist me in lead generation through LinkedIn. Our relationship has been extremely beneficial and has helped me obtain new clients. I don't think I could have accomplished it on my own. Her and her teams professionalism is second to none. I highly suggest hiring her company for anyone that is looking to grow their business.

Michael Gold

Shannon is wicked smart!

I'm so happy I found Shannon! It's so important as a business owner that you are executing on multiple lead generation sources and doing it organically is one of the best ways. Shannon is wicked smart and has helped our business create an awesome new lead channel. We literally saw results the day after we started with her.

Summer Mulder

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