About Us

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Helping Digital Marketing Agencies fill their calendars with prospects that convert to clients so they can focus on the growth of their business.

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Have you ever asked yourself what would it take to…

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  • Fill my calendar with ideal prospects and convert them into clients?
  • Grow my business without cashflow issues?
  • Generate more high quality leads & stop relying soley on referrals?
  • Find time to work on my business and not in the business?
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If you have asked any of the questions above …
then, you’re in the RIGHT place!

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Growing a digital marketing agency is hard work. There is so much competition out there for new leads, selling your service and acquiring new clients to serve. You’re frustrated with cash flow issues and unclear about what to do next. We believe having the right system for consistent lead generation is the difference between your digital marketing agency growing versus struggling, and that is why we use LinkedIn to help you scale and grow your business.

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My Story

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Hello, thank you for visiting Up Automation | Digital Marketing Agency and LinkedIn Lead Generator, my name is Shannon Kuykendall and I am a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, your Technology Personal Trainer, and Chief Tech Wonder Woman.

shannon_kuykendall_smI started Up Automation in 2015. Prior to that I was a Technical Virtual Assistant at Creative VA Services for 10 years.

As an agency owner, I struggled to get new clients in the door. I tried building a lead gen funnel, Facebook Ads, SEO, Content Marketing; you name it. Then someone told me about using LinkedIn for lead generation. They said, “that 80% of all B2B prospects are on LinkedIn”. So I put my focus there, and my results have been tremendous.

Once I got the formula down, I decided to stop offering implementation and concentrate on helping other digital marketing agencies fill their calendars with their ideal prospects using LinkedIn.

So why do I want to help you and your Digital Marketing Agency?

I don’t want to see anymore agencies suffer from the kinds of cash flow issues that keep them in feast or famine mode, unable to scale and grow their businesses. The goal for my clients is to fill their calendars with prospects consistently and on an ongoing basis. It is up to you to close them.

I have had great success doing this with my agency, which is why I offer it as a service to other businesses who are B2B centric. The most common issues I have seen within the B2B space is getting new clients to serve.

We all have this tendency to do lead gen, get the customer and then focus on delivering what we promised. While we are delivering what we promised, we forget that we still need to be prospecting.


If you would you like to learn more about filling your calendar with new prospects
then let’s schedule a time to talk.


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Our Core Values that Drive Our Behaviors:

  • Have passion. People with passion can do anything.
  • Think differently.
  • Love, help, and serve our customers
  • The team is our greatest asset.
  • Make decisions, take action, and deliver results.
  • Educate.
  • Pursue growth learning everyday.
  • Document and share your knowledge.
  • Celebrate wins.