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Note: This is part 2 of our 4 part series. To get the most out of this educational series click on Part 1 before moving forward.

Say the Magic Word! – Keyword Research

How do you leverage queries to drive your traffic? That is the question of the day, so let’s dig in!
Before you start, you need to make sure that you have your funnels in place, if you are not sure how to go about that, you can always find some help at Clickfunnels Virtual Assistant.


In this case, the funnels you will use are:

  • Lead Generation
  • Pre-Sell Engagement Funnels
  • Direct to Product Sale

So before we even get into setting up Pins or getting into Pinterest, we really need to understand the queries that we might use to advertise our products and that is exactly what Keyword Research is! We need to understand which keywords exist within our marketplace so we know which words to target.

So let’s take for example one of the most popular searches on the Pinterest site “make up” (and remember, we don’t want to be doing the keyword search on Google or Facebook or any other engine as it is Pinterest traffic that we are after here).

When we type in the word “makeup” (together or apart the results are more or less the same but you always want to explore all of your leads), and what will happen is Pinterest will give you a list of suggested searches. These are the most commonly searched queries after the word “makeup” on Pinterest. You can then follow up with “makeup a” and get all the “a” queries, and “makeup b” and get all the “b” queries, and so on.

How to run a Promoted Pin Campaign in these 5 easy steps! #marketingtips

You can then also take a look at the most common searches after “makeup” at the top of the page itself, Pinterest sorts them out into neat little blocks:

How to run a Promoted Pin Campaign in these 5 easy steps! #marketingtips

And this is what we call a Guided Search. This is a good technique to get to know your market and your audience but it is rather time-consuming. If you want to generate a list of all the queries that people are typing into Pinterest, along with all of the Pins and all the Pinners that are pinning around this particular topic and words that are relevant to this topic, in a much easier way, you can use a free tool called Spin Keywords (www.SpinKeywords.com). And what it does is it gives you the entire keyword universe that you will be using to advertise on Pinterest for your products in one easy step.

Once you go through a simple login process, you will get this screen below. As you can see on the left-hand-side, you have two options:

  1. Quick Searches – are going to give you a quick search on query
  2. Saved Searches – these are updated every day

How to run a Promoted Pin Campaign in these 5 easy steps! #marketingtips

As you can see the first suggested search under “makeup” is “makeup organization”. If you go to Pinterest and put into search “makeup”, you will get all the queries and the subqueries and the subqueries to those all in one neat list right here on SpinKeywords. So all of those individual searches that you had to do before one by one for each letter of the alphabet and different keywords attached to the initial keyword, all of that will be right here done for you, every single keyword that exists for that market on Pinterest.

Yes, it gets better! You can download all of that information on to CSV, prune out the irrelevant keywords and create your own ad groups and promoted pin groups with this data. Just make sure to give it some time to download all of the searches as it takes a minute to pull all of that data from the Pinterest universe into your list.

So this free tool gives you a really easy way to do keyword research specifically for Pinterest about the keywords that are actually being used on Pinterest, rather than using data from Google or Amazon or Yahoo. You’re welcome!

For those of you really looking to step up your game take advantage of this Ultimate Marketing Shortcut!
Ultimate marketing for $1

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! – Pinterest Business Set Up (Part I)

The time has come! The day is here! You are signing up for a Pinterest Business Account or converting your existing Pinterest account into a Business one (didn’t know you could do that?! WHAT!! You’re welcome, once more!). Just in case you decide to keep business and pleasure separate, the URL you want to go to is:


Make sure that you also have your website ready as Pinterest will need to verify your website for you to be able to use Promoted Pins.

Then go ahead and customize your profile in case the Pinner does actually come to visit your page, you want to make sure that you have some boards set up, check that your business name is correct, edit username if needed be, don’t forget to write a little bit about your company and products, in short, you don’t want your potential customer landing on a “ghost page” and getting scared off. We want to look professional, don’t we?

Next step is to confirm your website. Pinterest will give you a snippet of a code and you will need to copy it into the section of your website’s index.html file, which is the home page of your website. If you are not exactly sure how to get this code in, make sure to ask your website developer to assist you.

Ready, Set, GO! – Pinterest Business Set Up (Part II)

Ok, ok not so fast now! First, we need to finish setting up your profile. Go to the red pin in the top right-hand corner, the same place where you just filled out your profile. Now it’s time to adjust your settings. Make sure to scroll through the whole section, take your time and check the information that is already there and fill in the missing pieces. Note the tabs on the left, these are 5 different sections you need to click on and fill out.

How to run a Promoted Pin Campaign in these 5 easy steps! #marketingtips

Next, go back to the red pin in the top corner and select Billing. When you click on Billing, you will notice that it opens up the same page as it does when you click on Ads (top right-hand side of the page). That is because this is the first part of our Pinterest Ad Set Up or Promoted Pins. Now you will need to select your currency. At the moment Promoted Pins are only available in the US as well as the UK, while Canada is available for targeting, setting up an account with a Canadian bank may still cause problems at the moment but it is rolling out to the rest of the world soon!

After that you will be asked to enter your credit card information. They will give you a quick overview on promoted pins and what you can do, how to measure your performance and so on. But once you’ve done that, go to Ads → Business Settings and fill out your business address.

Then come back to the red pin and select Billing once again. What you will see now, that you have set up all the details, you can actually set up billing your billing information. After it’s all set, you will be able to view what you have been charged and when to change your billing information and all other activity related to billing.

Now before we begin, remember we talked about setting up at least 5 boards earlier on? If you haven’t done so, no time like the present. Pin away! YouTube videos, pages from your own website and your products. Have fun with it!

Let’s Get Creative – Promoted Pins Design

In order to create a Pin to Promote, you need to know where you will actually be sending these people to!

Are you sending them to a Lead Generation Page, a Pre-Sale Article, a Product Detail Page, etc. If you are sending them to a Lead Generation Page, make sure you have your funnels set up well. If you’re not confident to do it yourself, the professionals at the Clickfunnels Virtual Assistant will be more than happy to help you!

Your Pins should be:

  • Helpful – write detailed description of your product/services
  • Attractive – have an eye-catching image
  • Inspire Action – add simple and clear text overlay

Don’t forget to add a link to your Pin description. So not only do you need an attractive image to promote your Pin but you also need to write a pin description and include the link to your Pin within the first 75-100 characters. The reason it is so important to include it within that character count is that when people view your image they will be able so see and click on your link without ever actually clicking on the image itself. So a certain percentage of people will go from your image to your landing page within One Click!

Things to Know:

  1. Size Matters! – Use high quality images! Make sure that your pictures are vertically orientated with an aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:3.5 and a minimum width of 600px. Reason for that is that if your Pin is outside of that ration, it will get cut off. So for example, an image that is 600px wide should be between 900-2100px tall. The ideal place to start is 600x900px.
  1. Less is More! – You never want to use more than 4 individual images. You also do not want to alter the borders and edges with frames and decorations. Images should be focused with a clear theme. Do not be tempted to list your entire inventory in one Pin, it will only put off your prospect buyers. Think of a salesman that talks too much – yeah, don’t be him!
  2. How to run a Promoted Pin Campaign in these 5 easy steps! #marketingtips

  1. Three is the magic number – when putting in your text, try to keep it to upper third or lower third of your image. If you slash your image in half with your message, it takes away from the Pin’s overall aesthetics and simply looks messy

How to run a Promoted Pin Campaign in these 5 easy steps! #marketingtips

  1. Variety is the Key – If you go into a Pre-Sale Article you can use what is called a Simple Sally – it’s basically just an image with just text in it, that works very well as well.
    • You can also do a Tripple-Double – where you have three parts of text and two parts of image.
    • If you are doing an article, the Lay Over List is a great way to go.
    • Face Shots– while Pinterest says that images with faces get shared less, they DO get clicked on more!
    • You can also use Cartoon Elements and the Hopscotch where you have 4 quadrants in the image that all jump across to each other.

How to run a Promoted Pin Campaign in these 5 easy steps! #marketingtips

Make it Yours – Pinning the Pin

Here we are, your new Pin is all set and you are ready to commit. Don’t forget the 3 Ps of commitment – you’ve got to Pin the Pin to Promote! So let’s go back to your Pinterest page and click on the “+” button at the top right-hand corner of your page. Select “Upload from Computer”, choose your image from the hard drive. Write your description, don’t forget to include your website link within 75-100 characters. You will also need to include your tracking parameters and whatever other content you wish to include. You have about 300 characters in total to use so use them wisely.

Remember those boards you’ve created? Here they come in useful too as you would need to pin your image to one of those boards.

Once you hit submit, you can select “Promote Your Pin” or “See it Now”. If you click on “See it Now” you can look over your pin as your customers will see it. If you need to edit it further, there is an “edit” button. Once you have finished your editing, simply save and your Pin is ready to go!

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