It’s true what they say…we only get one shot at a first impression, especially on social media. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense; there really isn’t much else to go off of other than what we are presented with while viewing people’s online profiles.

That’s why having the proper profile is key to success when it comes to your B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation efforts. While setting up a profile may be easy you may benefit from these pointers if you want your first impression to lead to a rise in your B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation efforts.

It’s all about the profile pic (well not really)

Spend the extra cash and make sure you get a professional headshot of yourself. Unfortunately we humans do judge a book by its cover and that’s essentially what a profile pic is. Under no circumstance should you use a photo of yourself doing everyday things like being at a birthday party or having a beer at the bar. Remember this isn’t Facebook, you’re trying to convey a certain image to your audience.

Prepare yourself

Make sure to go into detail and collect any information you may deem as valuable, Resumes, current versions of your bios, certifications, interests, skills, keywords, you name it! Jot it down and make a list of the top qualities you want to showcase.

It’s all about the content!

Now that you have your list of all your valuable assets you need to structure your content. Make sure you have a killer headline. Your Headline should be seen as the headline of an ad, after all, you are selling something…YOURSELF!

Make sure that your headline includes important keywords related to what you do and try to give your headline a bit of flare! After all, you want people to click and continue reading.

As for your summary, be detailed orientated but try not to add fluff or boring information. People don’t have time to read every little thing you’ve done. Try to avoid sounding like some corporate machine.

Instead, make your summary personal by writing in the first person and including information that makes you unique but at the same time a valuable asset.

No empty spaces!

There may be some areas where you don’t have anything to say but please try not to leave any empty spaces. It comes off as being lazy and just not qualified. There’s something about empty spaces that really turn people off.

Keep it relevant

Going back to my point of not adding boring information. For the most part, most people don’t want to hear about what you did in High School if you’re looking for a job as a CFO for example. You want to keep things relevant and up to date. Only add information that adds value to you, not stuff that distracts from what you’re trying to say.

This also goes for backlinking, make sure all your links are relevant and not broken, the last thing you want is someone to go check out your portfolio on your personal website and be hit with a 404 Error.

All in all…

These are just a few pointers to steer you in the right direction. If your intention for your primary use of LinkedIn is for B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation you may want to consider a little extra help if you want to dive in deeper. For that, contact us here at Up Automation for your free 30-minute consultation!

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