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Although there are numerous ways of distributing your content online, in this blog post we will be focusing on one of the oldest and still most popular ways of reaching out to your potential clients.  Content Marketing Certification

We’re Speaking of Email Marketing of Course!

 Email marketing is a perfect example of a content distribution method that provides organic traffic.  With Email Marketing you are meeting the 3 main goals of the Bottom of the Funnel marketing strategy and that is:

  • Lead/Customer Nurture
  • Increase Retention
  • Increase Buyer Frequency/Recency

So how do I write the Perfect Email Newsletter? 

When creating your newsletter there are a few things you should keep in mind or else you risk the chance of alienating your client base which in turn can show a drop of people who have signed up for your list.

Subject Line, Blind or Direct?

 People are busy nowadays. You literally have a split second to catch the attention of your audience before they move on to another email. That is why the use of a proper Subject Line in your email is essential.   When it comes to your subject line you can go two routes, Blind or Direct.  A blind subject line is a curiosity driven headline that usually results in higher open rates but less click through rates where as a direct subject line tells you exactly what’s in the email.  These subject lines tend to get lower open rates but see higher click through rates.

Ok, so they opened my email….Now what? 

You’re going to want to start off by “greasing the chute”.  What does this mean exactly?  Well for starters you’re going to want to focus on your intros, make it compelling make people want to continue reading what you have to say.  Remember you only have a split second before that person goes on to a more compelling email so make that moment count.   When writing an email think of it as a blog post.  If you’ve read blogs as much as I have you’ll notice that most blog post are informative and engaging from the start.  Use this same tactic for your emails.

What about the Body Copy?

 By now you have lured them in, you have convinced your audience that your email is worth reading.  It is for this same reason that the body of your email should containing compelling information resulting in your audience having a positive interaction.  By now you should know your customer and what they are in search for, provide them with that info.

Write a Call To Action Command…..

 Yes we care about our audience and providing them with useful information but lets be honest for a minute.  You sent out that email for a reason and that was to get some type of response.   If you are not sending out a Call to Action with every email you send out then you my friend are missing out on a large resource.  Our customers sometimes need that extra push to take action.  That’s where a well designed CTA comes in handy.

What else can I add to my email? 

If you follow our guidelines above your email marketing campaign should be a success.  Other areas to play with are: 

  • Writing a headline for your email
  • Inserting images and linking them back to your content
  • Writing a “Drill Down” exp. P.S. If your still…
  • Adding an ad into the mix

Once you have these down pack your business will be sure to prosper.

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