The Ultimate Guide to Writing Skills For Every Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Digital Marketer, Shannon Kuykendall, Up Automation Digital Marketing Services, Virtual Assistant

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants are easily disregarded. However, they actually hold the keys to a successful Digital Marketing campaign, especially if it’s one focused on content.

There is so much poor, frustrating content out there. Don’t let yourself become another Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who has no claim to solid writing. To help you claim your title as a Virtual Assistant with STRONG writing skills, we offer you an ultimate guide to accomplishing such a title.DMCP_logo_round300

  1. Research

This is not a static activity. It is active and involved. Staying on top of your research for your articles, but also for the respective business for which you write, establishes you as a knowledgeable expert.

  1. Take Notes

This comes along with research. But it also helps capture those fleeting ideas that you now are gems but quickly forget. You can always refer back to your notes, which brings us to our next point.

  1. File and Save

Don’t let all your research go to waste. Chances are that you will overlap topics and themes, so you save a lot of time if you file away your hard work and notes. This also means that when you need to pull out facts or statistics, you already have them sorted out.

  1. Outlining

Before you start writing the bulk of articles or content, or we can’t emphasize an outline enough. This helps keep your ideas focused and organized, so that you can offer well-delivered information to readers.

  1. Resources/References

Build your resource and reference list. As a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant, finding reliable sources to connect with your clients will help establish their company’s presence on the internet.

  1. Claim Your Style

Find a voice that suits your writing and disposition to words. You don’t want to try to complicate your voice or style too much, because that’s hard to maintain. However, finding a unique voice or take on all your articles that is consistent will set your content apart from others.

  1. Simple, Clean Writing

Having said the bit about a unique voice, you should still try to keep your writing clean. Content and Digital Marketing is different from journalism. People are looking for information, help, services, and once they find it they want to move on. The content should come across as knowledgeable, but not be too dense to get through.

  1. Variety

Add variety to your style. One style doesn’t mean one writing format. There are many different types of blog posts and content formats to utilize. Keep your readers and followers interested.

  1. Edit

Don’t make a silly, avoidable mistake. Editing is always good, and arguably, too many revisions does not exist. The easiest way to lose immediate credibility is by reading as incompetent.

  1. Beyond Words

Don’t be afraid to use your now-amazing writing skills towards something other than an article. You can write video scripts and find other ways to creatively deliver content.

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