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So you’ve decided that SEO is not the way to go….. Who can blame you?  SEO can be costly and time consuming, although we here at Up Automation and the good people at Digital Marketer will tell you that any successful Content Marketing Strategy should include both SEO and Paid Traffic.
But I Want Results Now!!!

Paid traffic is really good at one thing in particular and that is getting you results quicker, but there is a trade off. Whereas SEO is technically free (if you do it yourself and don’t consider your time worth money) Paid Traffic can cost you a pretty penny especially if not done correctly.94942380055622.VhcCvo5jQBXVH1zVGIe1_height640

So what’s The Goal?

The goal of any proper Paid Traffic Campaign is to:

  1. Higher Your Revenues
  2. Lower Your Costs
  3. Acquire Customers at Breakeven or Better
  4. Higher your Traffic
  5. Build Relationships (bring the relationship from cold to warm to hot)

What Tools do I use to get the Word Out?

Simple! You will be using Media in all its form and glory.  So what is Media you ask?

MEDIA: Media is anything that aggregates the attention of a DEFINABLE MARKET SEGMENT into a specific location at a predictable time. – Ryan Deiss

He Who Spends The Most to Acquire a Customer – WINS!

That headline you see above is how most business owners see it.  Granted, having a huge budget to spend on marketing and content creation is great but if you are unable to connect with your potential customers on a personal level (one in which you can actually be of some help) then you may as well be flushing that money down the drain.

Avoid Wasting You Budget and Create A Customer Avatar

To be successful in any business you must know your audience.  Before creating any ads you must figure out who you are talking to.

  • What Problems Do They Have That You Can Solve?
  • Are they Female or Male? What Age Group Are They In?
  • What Is Their Income?

These are all important questions you should be asking yourself (and much more) about your target audience before you go and place your budget.  To go more into depth of how to set up a proper Facebook or Twitter Campaign read our other blog posts of this series.

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