Twitter Ad Hacks: Let’s Talk Lead Generation Cards

by | Mar 7, 2017 | DIY Digital Marketing

Note: This is part 4 of our 4 part series. To get the most out of this educational series click on Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 before moving forward.

Lead Generation Cards – Behind the Scene

Lead Generation Cards are a crucial part of the Twitter Advertising system. They allow customers to express interest in what your business has to offer by allowing them to easily submit contact information from their Twitter account.

You can find the Lead Generation Cards under Twitter ads. You don’t have to pay to use them but a Promoted Tweets campaign would give it more exposure. Below is an example of Lead Generation Card shared as a regular tweet:

Example of a Lead Generation Card as a tweet.

When you click on the View Details link or the link, you will be shown additional details about the offer. With one click, you can submit your information to the user.

With one click submit your information easily.

A Lead Generation Card makes it easier to achieve conversions for mailing list sign ups and lead form submissions as this way you won’t risk losing your subscriber in transition between your tweet and the landing page. One click will take them from Twitter to you.

This way you are eliminating the entire process of worrying about your conversion rates from Twitter to your squeeze page and what percentage of them will actually opt in. People are actually giving you their email with one click without leaving their newsfeed!

Lead Generation Card Set Up

Let’s create your first Lead Generation Card. Go to your Twitter Ads menu and click on Creatives > Cards. Click on Create Lead Generation Card button in the top right hand corner.

The set up screen is very simple to use and walks you through step by step while showing you exactly what the card will look like to Twitter users.

This setup page makes setting up your car easy.

  • Enter a short description for your card, a benefit, a reason why the user would want to submit their information to you.
  • Upload your card image. It needs to be maximum 600x150px (4:1 aspect ratio). It needs to be eye catching and something that represents your business and/or lead magnet.
  • Your call to action will appear on the blue button that Twitter user would click on to submit their information to you. It needs to be similar to what you use on your squeeze/landing page.
  • Your privacy policy and fallback URLs are next. Privacy policy URL is a page on your website that tells users how their data will be used. The fallback URL is a page that Twitter users will be taken to when they click on your Lead Generation Card from a device/service (such as HootSuite) that doesn’t support Lead Generation Cards. This essentially should be your squeeze/landing page.

Once you have the basic details about your Lead Generation Card setup, you can configure other, optional, settings. First is the destination URL.

This is a URL on your website such as your “Thank you for subscribing!” page. Alternatively, you can simply enter an up to 100-character message to be displayed in the Lead Generation Card after they submit it.

How to Connect Your LGC to your Marketing Platform

Most consider this step optional but I find that it is one of the more crucial ones. This is what will connect the data that Twitter users submit to your CRM or mailing list service provider.

Set your preferred data settings here.

If you are not sure how to connect your LGC data to your account on the Twitter platform, your Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant or Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant can help you do this. If you don’t have one, contact us and we can help.

Time to Promote!

Once you have finished with your Lead Generation Card, you will find yourself on a screen that will allow you to compose a tweet with a link to your card, edit your card, clone your card, or view it in action.

Be sure to start by testing your LGC by viewing it and submitting your own information. Once you are sure that there are no problems, you’ll want to promote it in one or both of the following ways:

  • Tweet it to your followers using the Compose Tweet with this card option or by copying the link to your card and adding it to a tweet
  • Use Promoted Tweets advertising to help your Lead Generation Card reach a larger audience

Your lead will be automatically exported to your platform if you have used the data settings provided by your CRM, marketing automation, or mailing list service provider. Otherwise you will need to download your leads manually to a CSV file. You can do this by going to your Lead Generation
Cards, hover over the card and click on the download icon. This will give you a file that you should be able to import into your CRM, marketing automation, or mailing list service provider.

If you find that your advertising spent with Twitter’s official platform is not generating results, there are some alternative networks that allow you to pay for additional exposure on Twitter. The most popular third party networks are:

  • Sponsored Tweets – sign up as an advertiser to get celebrities (internet, entertainment, sports, etc) to tweet your content at a premium price
  • BuySellAds – create an account and browse users who are willing to tweet your content for a premium price per tweet
  • Just Retweet/Easy Retweet – buy credit packages, submit your tweet, and offer each person who tweets it a number of credits. Or you can tweet other people’s content to earn credits and then use them to pay for yours.


You’ve come a long way and have accomplished many things! By now, you should know how to effectively generate new mailing list subscribers, leads, and sales using Twitter Promoted Tweets advertising and Lead Generation Cards.

There is no stopping you now – onwards and upwards, my friends!

Still feel like you may need more clarity in the ever-changing world of Digital Marketing? Then why not sign up for our 6 month DIY Digital Marketing Implementation Coaching Program. For a free consultation contact us today!

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