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by | Jan 17, 2017 | Product Launch Virtual Assistant

If you want to be like Steve Jobs was in his prime, I don’t blame you. The guy had a knack of making everything he touched successful. You may be a PC and Android guy/gal but there is no denying that the years Steve Jobs was running the show at Apple brought them much success. A big part of that success was his ability to create a great Product Launch.

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Product Launch: The Steve Jobs Method!

You may not be a fan of Apple but you cannot deny their ability to launch a product, and guess who was behind all those ideas! All those images you saw on the news of people lining up for days to get the newest iPhone was the end result of months of work put into their product launch. As you will see from this blog post these turn outs don’t just happen they are orchestrated. Now without further-a-do we present the STEVE JOBS PRODUCT LAUNCH METHOD!

Make It Personal!

What broke Apple away from most Tech companies was its ability to make things personal, IBM was never able to achieve this. Think about it….. when IBM comes to mind what are your first thoughts? Probably a faceless corporation….Am I correct?

Whereas when you think of Apple, their products tend to make you think of your personal life and how their products will help you achieve your daily goals. Now that’s a product that you won’t easily let go! There’s a reason why we call the computer a Personal computer these days and that’s all thanks to the 1984 launch event of the Apple

Surprise Them!

This may be one of the toughest areas of a Product Launch if you are a large corporation. Keeping things under wrap with so many individuals involved can be nearly impossible but essential. Not providing all the information to your new product before its launch event creates a cloud of mystery that will keep your product or service on the tip of the tongue of everyone interested in your industry. In other words, you’ll be the talk of the town.

The Rule of 3!

The number 3 is a powerful thing. According to Forbes Magazine, the number 3 is the most persuasive number in communications….. This of course is all due to our short term memories which are made to remember small amounts of information.

That is why having 3 key and strong points is important to your product launch. A perfect example of how Steve loved the power of 3 can be seen in the release of the iPod, iPhone and then iPad. The iPad storage also was available in 3 different sizes, 16, 32 and 64 GB. Coincidence…..I think not!

Hit Up The Press….Moderately!

Remember how I mentioned the element of surprise when it comes to the product…..Well you’re still going to want to spread some word of your product and what it can do for your customers. Look at it as if you are leaving a trail of crumbs leading up to your launch.

Make sure to hit up credible media sources that are leaders in reporting your industry and give them a few tidbits to sample to start generating some buzz of what’s to come.

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