Seeking A Virtual Assistant Job? Check out these Digital Marketing opportunities

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Digital Marketer, Shannon Kuykendall, Up Automation Digital Marketing Services

Scouring through the hundreds of job postings on websites like Upwork can be exhausting. It’s hard to wade through all the questionable positions and differentiating between proper and poor pay. So, we decided to lend a helping hand.

Below you will find a list of current positions. What’s important to note, however, is that just because you have experience, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the best jobs or offers. There are, of course, a few thoughts to keep in mind while you’re applying to jobs.

Stand Out

Your cover letter, like with any job, should help you stand out. It should not detail all the information you already have listed under your profile. You want to sell yourself, concisely. You need to walk the potential employer through how you are both right for the job, but also uniquely better than other applicants.

Also, ask questions. By asking questions about the positions, you encourage and prompt the hiring client to respond.


No one is going to trust someone without example work to which they can refer. No matter how persuasive the cover letter and introduction may be, it’s not good enough to trust. Make sure you provide solid examples of the work you’ve done, especially with content/writing oriented positions.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Selling yourself as the cheapest Virtual Assistant, especially as a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant is not always the best way to go.

  1. You send the message that you may not be as qualified
  1. If you have the skill, price yourself well and then you can always negotiate.

Here are some of the best jobs on Upwork for all you Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants:

*The dollar sign indicates the Upwork level of expertise.

  1. Digital Marketing Consultant ($)

Tools and Skills: SEO, B2B Social Media, Target campaigns, Google Analytics

  1. Virtual SEO Assistant for Digital Marketing Agency ($)

Tools and Skills: SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, WordPress, On-Page Optimization, Link Building

  1. WordPress Web Design and Development ($)

Tools and Skills: WordPress, HTML, CSS, Photoshop

  1. Jr. Virtual Assistant to Support Principal of Virtual Assistant Company ($$)

Tools and Skills: SEO

  1. ClickFunnels Expert with VA Expertise ($$)

Tools and Skills: Automation, ClickFunnels, WordPress

  1. VA support for online Health Website ($$)

Tools and Skills: ClickFunnels, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Administrative Support, Adobe PDF

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist ($$$)

Tools and Skills: Marketing Strategy, SEO

  1. Head of Digital Marketing (freelance) for Think Hubble ($$$)

Tools and Skills: CRO, Data Analytics, Email Marketing, SEM, Social Media Management, Marketing Strategy

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