Up Automation is one of the top Digital Marketing Implementation Agencies for Coaches, Authors, and Speakers. Let us know how we can best serve you!

Do you want to focus on your clients and not on the technology it takes to automate your business?

Are you struggling with the lack of knowledge it takes to move forward?
Do you feel unclear about where to start when it comes to setting up the automation for your business?

I understand what you are going through and we have helped over 300 coaches, authors and speakers in 5 countries by walking them through our 4-part system where we go through in detail our Strategy, Implementation, Traffic and Optimization of the new systems we will put into place for your business. This 4-part system will increase your revenue and help you avoid losing out on opportunities, stalling your business, and getting beat by your competition.

If you’re tired of being stuck and want to learn more about how Up Automation can take you from tech hell to tech heaven, click the button below and schedule a free 30-minute consultation now!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let us take on the hard techie stuff so that you can focus on your clients and creating courses they’ll love. Or, you can continue down the path of frustration never knowing what it would be like to consistently get new leads and sales with a system that automatically runs your business, even while you sleep.

Get a Custom Website Built for You by Up Automation

Build Your Website

Is your website keeping up with the times? Are your prospective clients able to find the information they are looking for? Are you longing for a fresh design that speaks your language? You may need a new site design and branding!

  • Strategy Development
  • Site Design
  • SEO
  • Branding
Automate Your Digital Marketing with Up Automation

Automate Your Marketing

Are you spending all your time working your system? Do you wish you had more time to grow your business? Seeking to live the life you envision? You need to automate your marketing system – let it do the work for you!

  • Strategy and Testing
  • Funnel Builds
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Ad Optimization
Product Launch Virtual Assistant Up Automation

Launch Your Product

You’ve spent months – perhaps years – slaving over your book, program, or video library. Now what do you do? How do you share it with not the world, but the right audience? A well crafted product launch is the difference between failure and success.

  • Product Launch Formula
  • Strategy Development
  • CRM/Merchant Setup
  • Launch Funnel Build

It’s Time to Ditch Frustration.

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation with
Shannon Kuykendall, DMCP, ICP
today to discover your path to freedom…

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