Top 5 Pros of Digital Marketing and How It Can Help

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Digital Marketing has been become all the craze these last few years. From small home-based businesses to large corporations there is no denying that Digital Marketing is a primary vehicle to drive more customers into your door. If you’re not up to date on Digital Marketing… my recommendation would be to get a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant and fast!

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For those of you that need a bit of an introduction to Digital Marketing we have compiled the Top 5 Pros of Digital Marketing and How It Can Help… Enjoy!

5 Pros of Digital Marketing

    Low Cost of Entry

    Ok, some platforms used to do Digital Marketing can be on the pricey side. Take Infusionsoft for example, running an email campaign on their platform can be in the thousands but when compared to more traditional forms of marketing such as T.V. commercial, radio announcements and newspaper ads Digital Marketing doesn’t seem to break the bank as much. Even with the use of a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant your cost of entry can be considerably lower.

    You Can Throw a Large Net

    With traditional forms of marketing such as Television and Radio you can only really target a generalized demographic. Not so with digital marketing. With digital marketing anyone that has access to the internet can be a potential customer. The best part of it is that most Digital Marketing campaigns can be designed to reach specific targets, like sex, age groups, special interest and locations just to name a few meaning that even though the net you are casting is larger you are still not throwing money away on an audience that is not interested in what you have to say or sell.

It’s Super Fast

When I say fast, I mean super duper fast. Digital Marketing ads can be showing within seconds. A study has shown that the average attention span of people using the internet is about 8 seconds, that’s not a lot of time to grab someone’s attention. Luckily with Social Media you can update a status, post helpful blog post or reach out to someone that’s commented on your page….. All of this keeps your brand in the forefront of your customers minds.

It Reaches the Right People

65 percent of people who browse the web consider themselves the decision makers in their households – meaning they are the ones spending the big bucks online. By using Digital Marketing you are guaranteed to put your product in front of the people that are most likely to open up their wallets are opposed to people that need to get permission to purchase your goods or services.

It Builds Trust and Relationships

A well built and maintained website as well as a strong social media presence builds trust. Nothing says you are an important person in your industry like having thousands of followers on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. By using these platforms you are also opening yourself up to having discussions with your potential customers through blog posts and tweets, which in the end helps build relationships.

For those of you who are considering breaking into the Digital Marketing field but just don’t feel like you know enough you may consider contacting us at Up Automation to discuss our Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant services. Contact us today for your free 30 minute consultation.

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