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Host Shannon Kuykendall of the #JustAddGratitude podcast talks with Travis King, Director of Community Development and the Positive Impact Lead for Remote Year. Travis’ professional career began in the nonprofit sector, with a trip to South Africa turning into a four-year backpacking adventure that pushed him towards the travel sector working for Remote Year. Travis King shares how he merged travel and the nonprofit space into a career, why he developed a love for camping, and what exactly Level3Fun is. 

Vysehrad Castle, Prague, Czech Republic.
Travis King @ Vysehrad Castle, Prague, Czech Republic.

Episode Highlights:

  • Shannon Kuykendall introduces her guest Travis King.  
  • How did the term Level3Run begin?
  • Travis describes a bike trip through Canada and the United States he experienced with his brother. 
  • What ended up being the unexpected the third level of fun of that bike trip with Travis and his brother? 
  • What kind of challenges did Travis have while participating in the summer camp event and how did he overcome them?  
  • What inspired Travis King to pursue camping events?   
  • Remote Year gives back to many of the communities that it visits.  
  • What attracted Travis King to working for Remote Year?  

3 Key Points:

  1. Level 1 of Level3Fun is the fun you know you are going to have. 
  2. Level 2 of Level3Fun is the fun you can’t predict. 
  3. Level 3 of Level3Fun is when everything goes bad and you embrace random adventure. 

In May 2018, I was invited to participate in a Leadership workshop in a beautiful villa in the countryside of Barcelona, Spain.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “When something goes wrong but you then make it through and it becomes a story, that is what traveling is all about. It is what living in the growth zone is all about.” – Travis King
  • “I was a camper and then a camp counselor at this summer camp in Milwaukee growing up. Outside of my family, I always say it’s probably the number one thing that turned me into the version of myself I am these days.” – Travis King
  • “We’re not just out here traveling and taking Instagrams and tutoring the world. But, we are also giving back and we are people that want to connect to the culture and leaving a positive impact wherever we go.” – Travis King

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