Save Time and Optimize your Google Presence with your WordPress Virtual Assistant

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Shannon Kuykendall, Up Automation Digital Marketing Services, Wordpress Virtual Assistant

So, you have a WordPress account, you have some content, but you aren’t on Google the way you wish you were.

If you haven’t done so already, and you feel yourself bogged down by your workload, turn to a WordPress Virtual Assistant to help you with this specific aspect of boosting your WordPress presence. thrivethemes-logo1

If you’re a WordPress Virtual Assistant reading this, then you probably are looking for ways to help you client’s WordPress.

So, how do you give a boost?

  1. Content

This is an obvious given to the world of WordPress blogs and articles. Assuming you already utilize SEO tools, you need to look at how to find the proper keywords to boost the ratings.

Also, for you WordPress Virtual Assistants creating the content, it’s not just about the keywords. The content also needs to read well, clearly, and offer relatively original information. Don’t just copy and paste!

    1. Permalinks

When you create the permalink for your content posts, make sure you don’t just rely on what it might generate for you. Think short and concise. The links should incorporate the strong focus keywords, and should not be too long.

  1. Plugins

There are many plugins that Google offers that not only help you site, but also help show reciprocal support. For example, the Google Authorship, Google Maps, or the Widgets+ plugins will help connect you to Google Plus and also help you rank higher in Google search results.

  1. Social Network

Can’t emphasize this enough. Promote your WordPress links in your social media platforms. WordPress Virtual Assistants who do this should also research other posts and websites ( other than yours!) to promote. This help build trust in target audiences, but also in Google.

  1. Backlinks

This reemphasizes the idea of a sharing community. Just because you want to promote your site does not mean you can’t promote others. Makes sure that the content includes backlinks with respected websites and relevant information.

  1. No Cheating

Google is smart. Very smart. It’s Artificial Intelligence that will always catch up or even be ahead of the game. If you try to trick it to optimize your own site, you will be punished by the internet gods, or at least Google.

As a WordPress Virtual Assistant make sure you keep researching these areas. Even in a few months, there will be new ways to optimize Google Presence. If you stay educated, you will stay on top of your WordPress game.

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