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Note: This is part 2 of our 4 part series. To get the most out of this educational series read Part 1, Twitter Ad Hacks: Customer Value Optimization before moving forward.

Be Crafty

How to Create a Tweet That Promotes?

When crafting your Promoted Tweet, if you want to get the most from it, you will need to keep conversions in mind. To do that, you need to identify your goals, which can include but should not be limited to:

  • Growing your mailing list (through the Lead Magnet)
  • Capturing a business lead (through the Lead Magnet)
  • Making a sale (Usually through the Tripwire Offer but also the Core Offer)

If you do not have your Lead Magnet set up, then you can contact the nice folks at Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant and they will help you to get set up in a jiffy. Or attend our 6 month DIY Digital Marketing Implementation Coaching Program. For a free consultation contact us today!

Ideally, if you wish to reach your goal and are not doing this just for the fun of it, you will want the traffic that sees and clicks on your tweets to be taken to a landing page that encourages them to sign up for your mailing list, submit a lead form or purchase a product.

To achieve that, you will need to include the following:

  • A target audience
  • A benefit/value
  • A call to action
  • A link to a landing page or a squeeze

I can hear you gasping in horror already ”But only 140 characters allowed!” – yes it’s true, and while it is difficult, it is not impossible. Let’s take a look at few examples.
This is a promoted tweet by ON24, a webcasting and virtual communications platform.
This is a ON24, a webcasting and virtual communications platform. Their tweet identifies with anyone who hosts webinars as the target audience, with download as a call to action and the link takes people to their landing page. Their landing page is almost perfect for gathering leads for their platform.
Use Twitter to send people to important links.
I say “almost” because the social sharing buttons do clutter the Download Button but should lead to lead generation converters.

Our next example is PRWeb – the top online news distribution service.
Kick your business up a notch by getting the most out of promoted tweets!
Their tweet identifies businesses that want media coverage as the target audience, with sign up as a call to action. And the link drops you on the following landing page:
Send from Twitter to a successful landing page like this one.

    This landing page is perfect for getting new customers as it has one call to action, followed immediately by credibility symbols. If the user isn’t ready to sign up at this point, they can scroll further down the sales page to learn more about PRWeb’s services. Each section of benefits includes a call to action to get started.

    An example from EXAIR is below. They are a manufacturer of compressed air products.
    Here is an exapmle of a promoted tweet.
    Their target audience for the tweet are people who have static electricity problems and they identify them with a call to action which leads to their landing page:
    A great example of a landing page.
    Their landing page is a bit cluttered with too many product listings past which you have to scroll to find out more details about the free product with purchase. This page will struggle with conversion.

Here is another example of a Twitter campaign where a free consulting book is being given away as a lead magnet.
Promoted tweet for a FREE E-Book!
The tweet identifies people who are knowledgeable in a certain area but aren’t sure how to become a consultant. The link takes you to a sales letter written by the author himself.
A high converting sales page!

And at the end, simplicity is the key, a sales button:

Example of a kick-ass sales button.
The lesson to be learned from these examples is that you have to fully conversion-optimize your Promoted Tweets. Starting from the 140 character tweet to the landing page that the tweet brings them to. This will help you to achieve your goal and produce more return on your advertisement investment.

How to Effectively Set Up Your Twitter Advertising Account

Once you have your promoted tweet goal identified, composed your message, and ensured that once your squeeze or landing page delivers what your 140-characer message offers, then you can begin with your Twitter Advertising campaign.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses in Canada, Ireland, UK and US, who are creating advertisements in English can simply sign into Twitter Ads using their main @username (Twitter handle) and password. Businesses outside these countries would need to inquire with Twitter directly.

Remember, when signing in to Twitter Ads for the first time, you will need to configure your location and time zone settings as you will not be able to change them later on so be sure that you set this up correctly from the get-go.

Next, you will be able to choose a Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweets campaign. But before you do that, you need to configure the rest of your Twitter Ads account. Use the dropdown Account menu to set up your credit card payment.
Twitter account dashboard.

Fill out your credit card information as usual and accept Twitter Advertisement terms of service.


In the next step you will get to access several other Twitter Advertising options, displayed in the top menu bar, and you will also be asked about your Twitter advertising goals:

  • Campaigns > Tweets and Accounts – overview of current Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets campaigns that are active. To create a Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweets campaign, use the Create New Campaign button at any time.
  • Creatives > Tweets – the tweets you have or are actively promoting in a Promoted Tweets campaign. Use the Compose Tweet button to create a new tweets to be used in a Promoted Tweet campaign.
  • Creatives > Cards – this section shows you the Lead Generation Cards you have or are actively promoting in a Promoted Tweet campaign. You can use this option to create a new lead generation card.
  • Analytics – here you can see various analytics about your Twitter account as a whole, including your tweet activity, follower demographics, Twitter Card usage, and traffic from Twitter to your website.
  • Conversion Tracking – set up your conversion tracking here.

Conversion Traffic on Twitter – How To

To set up your conversion tracking on Twitter you will first need to…yes, you guessed it – give it a name! Name it something that will make sense to you, such as, Conversion Course Scale or Mailing List Signup, or September 2013 Webinar Registration, or All the People Who Love Dave… well, maybe not the last on… but your call, really.
Half the fun of Twitter Ads is naming the campaign.
Once the name is selected, choose the conversion type from site visit, purchase, download, sign up, or custom for types that do not fit the other specified goals. There is also advanced attribution setting which you can use to let Twitter know how long they should attribute the conversion to a Twitter advertising campaign.

When you use create tag, you will get an embed code to place on your webpage which indicates to you that a visitor has completed the specified conversion.
Copy the tracking code to always keep track on your ads
Pages that confirm a completed conversion include, Shopping Cart Order Confirmation pages, Thank You for Subscribing pages, and Thank You For Submitting a Form pages.

Keep in mind that your conversion tracking tag will be marked as Unverified until someone lands on the page to make a conversion. Also, if you are going to create multiple Twitter advertising campaigns with different conversions, you can create additional conversion tracking tags by clicking the create new conversion tag button.

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