*Hey guys! Let me start off by making something really clear! I am not bashing Facebook in this blog post in any way. I am just trying to inform you on how Linkedin may be your better option if you’re talking about B2B Lead generation for your business.

I can’t stand here and knock Facebook when it comes to generating leads for my business or other clients of mine but I must admit I have started to focus my attention on something else, B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation!

While Facebook has been a very important part of my success I want you guys to know it is not your only option to connect with other businesses that may want to work with you.

My Personal View of B2B Facebook Lead Generation Vs B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation

I have found Facebook to be great when it comes to the distribution of Content. I think it is a brilliant platform when it comes to showcasing your work. I know I have been able to build my reputation and my company’s credibility by providing my audience with informative blog posts, helpful videos, and free downloadable material.

Move over Facebook, LinkedIn is where the real leads are!

In the years I have been able to build a strong base of fans and feel like I have been able to get my name out there but I have one issue with Facebook and that’s my ability to get more qualified leads than admirers.

I sometimes feel as if the people who like my Facebook page or join my Facebook groups aren’t really the type of leads I am looking for which may lead me down the road to wasting money but most importantly time!

I’m a busy person and if I am going to put my efforts into creating new B2B leads you better believe I am going to want a high conversion on qualified applicants.

Which leads me to B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation…At this point in time, I feel as if Facebook has been saturated with people of all walks of life (which is a good thing) whereas LinkedIn has really continued to focus on professional individuals.

Personally, I have found that while I may not get as many initial leads through LinkedIn as I do with Facebook, the ones that come in through LinkedIn are far more qualified and more likely to actually become potential clients.

As the old saying goes, Quality Over Quantity, Think about that the next time you’re wondering if B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation is right for you.

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