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#JustAddGratitude with Travis King: What is Level3Fun? - 007

Meet Travis King, Director of Community Development and the Positive Impact Lead for Remote Year. Travis’ professional career began in the nonprofit sector, with a trip to South Africa turning into a four-year backpacking adventure that pushed him towards the travel sector working for Remote Year.

Janice Ferrante - Lisbon

#JustAddGratitude with Janice Ferrante: Boulder, Bourdain, and Bali – oh my! – 005

Meet Janice Ferrante - When Janice is not standing at her computer, you can probably find her on her motorcycle, a yoga mat, or feeding her die-hard fixation with fashion. She's also a lifelong learner who loves to explore the latest industry trends and an ardent traveler who daily integrates international influence into her daring designs. Janice Ferrante is the Founder of Oblique Design out of Boulder,

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