If you haven’t heard…LinkedIn Lead Generation is the hot ticket item at the moment when it comes to building out your business.

Say goodbye to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…Well, not goodbye, maybe more like “Let’s take a break”. There is no doubt that other social media platforms are helpful in creating leads but LinkedIn has something others don’t…guessed what it is yet? A PROFESSIONAL FEEL!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find pics of people plastered or pics of people taking selfies and giving those notorious duck lips! Why? Because LinkedIn is for business and that’s exactly the kind of eyes you want your company in front of.

It’s More Than Just Connecting…

When people hear LinkedIn Lead Generation they assume it’s just sending a message to people and trying to get them to buy into something. That’s not the case.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Turn connections into clients

A lot goes into finding the perfect audience to share your content with or connect with. Everyday new software’s are coming out that really makes automation, demographic research and compatibility possible.

Although most small business owners don’t have the time to tackle these types of software’s and learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn they sure as heck can benefit from it. While the average person will be fumbling with all the new toys available for LinkedIn we here at Up Automation are…dare I say it…LinkedIn Lead Generation Gurus!

I’m Not Quite There Yet!

At this point you might be saying to yourself…I’m not ready to commit to a full-blown LinkedIn Lead Generation campaign. I get it. Maybe money is tight, the timing isn’t there or your in-laws are in town and driving you insane. Whatever the reason we here at Up Automation don’t like leaving our fans high and dry!

So we’re sharing this awesome feature with you that’ll make your LinkedIn Lead Generation much easier…

Lead Gen Forms

If you’re looking for high-quality leads that convert, prove the ROI of your lead gen campaigns, and easy access and management of your leads then this is for you.

My favorite feature of the Lead Gen Forms is its ability to provide potential leads with prefilled forms! Meaning it takes less time to get them into your sales funnel!

Don’t think this is a big deal? Well, it is! In this day and age where everyone is so busy and bombarded with information, seconds count! If you can save your potential lead a few seconds of filling out a form your chances of capturing that lead rises tremendously!

For Those of You That Are Ready…

Up Automation is here to take your LinkedIn Lead Generation reigns and take your business to new levels of success. If you want to learn more about our process then contact us for your free consultation today!

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