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Giving Back Just Feels Good!

During my time traveling abroad with Remote Year, we were introduced to several Non-Profit Organizations (NGO) where we had the opportunity to go out into the communities we visited and help out in some way that left a positive impact.

We did things such as feed the homeless in Kuala Lumpur. Hold Children with AIDs at an orphanage in Chang Mai, Thailand. Build a greenhouse for the children who needed a safe place to be while their parents worked in Cape Town, South Africa. We built a solar water heater using recycled plastic bottles for a low-income family outside of Cordoba, Argentina. And so many more. 

When I got back to the USA, I was motivated to find ways to help out and give back to organizations here. During the Pandemic, it's been especially important. And, I still find ways to donate to the organizations we helped during my travels.

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