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Note: This is part 3 of our 4 part series. To get the most out of this educational series click on Part 1 & Part 2 before moving forward.

Create an Outstanding Promoted Tweet Advertisement

You’ve set up a state of the art conversion focused tweet, have your Twitter Advertising account set and ready to go complete with a conversion tracking for your website – you are now ready to create your Promoted Tweets campaign!

To do this, you will need to go to Campaigns > Tweets and Accounts, and click the Create New Campaign button.

You should see a screen with all your cmpaigns.

Select New Promoted Tweets campaign.

Select the

Begin by naming your Promoted Tweets campaign and choose the campaign’s duration.

Finally pick the duration of your campaign.

Aim Well – Target Your Promoted Tweet to the Right Audience

You will also need to make sure that your Promoted Tweet targets the right audience. No matter how well your tweet is worded, if put in front of the wrong audience, it will fall on deaf ears.

There are several ways in which you can target your audience:

  • Keywords – targets Twitter users who search or tweet a particular keyword or keyword set
  • Television – targets Twitter users who engage with a particular TV show or group of TV shows in the US or UK
  • Interests and Followers – this is for Twitter users who are similar to your followers or any other Twitter user’s followers. Beware, this also includes your competition! Also, target ads using Twitter Ads using Twitter Advertising’s predefined categories list with 300+ topics from Automotive to Travel
  • Tailored Audiences – Target your Promoted Tweets towards your existing customers and prospects by allowing Twitter to create custom audience lists from ad partners and platforms such as AdRol, QuantCast, ValueClick, ExactTarget, MailChimp, Axiom, SocialCode, and others.

In addition to targeting based on the above options, you can also target based on location, device used by the Twitter users and gender. You can also specify whether Promoted Tweets should appear in a user’s timeline or in search results, or both.

When it comes to Keyword vs Interests and Followers targeting options there is no right or wrong answer, all depends on your needs. We usually set up a campaign for both and find that both ROI.

The campaign that targets specific keywords will reach less people because it was only targeting people who had mentioned the specified keywords.

While it is reaching less people, it has a much higher conversion rate because it is only targeting people who have actually tweeted a keyword related to our product.

After looking at the numbers, if both campaigns are returning significantly more money than you are spending, run them both! As this will allow you to cover every corner of your target marketing field.

In terms of the “Location” field, it is best to specify location instead of targeting “all available locations”, don’t spread your campaign too thin. Your budget will be spent in a very short time, mostly in countries that don’t speak English. So make sure to target the countries that speak the language of your tweet and actually are in your top 5 purchasing list.

Decisions Decisions – Choose or Create the Tweet to Promote

It is time to choose the tweet which you will promote! You have the option to manually select from your recent tweets, have Twitter automatically choose from your five latest tweets, or to create a new tweet to promote by clicking “Promote a New Tweet” link in the box below.

A great thing about creating a new tweet within the Promoted Tweets ad setup is that you can create a tweet that is only shown to the target audience for your ad campaign and not on your public Twitter account.

Now just create your own promoted tweet.

The most important aspect of writing your tweets is knowing how to compose the tweets that CONVERT. This means composing a tweet that sends the most possible traffic to your landing page to generate leads, sales, etc.

There are 2 most important elements of composing the PERFECT tweet!

  1. Photo – DON’T DO IT!! – adding a photo to your tweet can create an extra link!

Do not post a picture, it will create a new link taking away precious characters.

Although a tweet with a photo is more eye-catching, the extra link will take away from your call to action and will re-direct some traffic from your link to the landing page.

Don’t be misled by the engagement rate percentages. They are not Click Through Rates. The percentages reflect the number of people who clicked on the tweet…ANYWHERE on the tweet, whether the photo link, the profile photo, or the outbound link.

Any of those clicks are counted as an “engagement” but when you look at the actual clicks for the tweet, you will find yourself unpleasantly surprised.

As you can see, the tweet without photo received THREE TIMES more clicks than the tweet with the photo.

  1. Short and Sweet – use link shorteners for more clicks.

You would not be alone to think that by seeing the domain name in the link, you will garner more trust from the target audience and inspire them to click on the link. However, after running some side by side comparison testing, we have found that in fact a shortened link outperformed the “naked” link by 709%!!!

Long story short, a good tweet should:

  • Use simple, direct copy (if it’s a blog post, use that headline)
  • OR, ask a question, but keep it similar to the “headline”
  • Short and Sweet
  • Trackable link
  • NO photo!

Want the highest converting tweet possible? Keep it simple!

Show Me the Money! Setting the Budget.

Once your ad campaign budget is set, you can decide on your total budget for the ad and the daily budget. Use Pacing Options to determine if your promoted Tweet will be shown immediately or throughout the day only.

Set your twitter budget for each day.

Twitter will automatically suggest a bid amount for your ad campaign. You can modify this and not be charged more that the amount you specify for any user engagements with your Promoted Tweets, including retweets, replies, favorites, follows or clicks. For competitive keywords, if you choose a lower bid amount, advertisers who bid higher, will have their ad shown to target users before yours.

A very important thing to remember! “Clicks” does not mean clicks on your link through to your website. Clicks are defined as follows: clicks on URL, hashtag, tweet copy, avatar and username, or the expand button. This means that you could see hundreds of “clicks” for your Promoted Tweet campaign but only get a fraction of the traffic to your website.

Track Your Promoted Tweet on Twitter

When the campaign is saved and launched, it will go live instantly. You will be taken to a screen where you can monitor your ad campaign’s progress.

Track your progress with this meter.

This screen will show you everything about your Promoted Tweets including the types of engagements you receive, the devices Twitter users are on, where Twitter users are from, the gender of each Twitter user, and the keywords they used. This is where conversion tracking comes in handy. While all of the analytics for your Promoted Tweet are interesting, the only thing that should hold your focus is conversions.

Optimize your Promoted Tweet

Is your ad actually driving Twitter users who convert into new subscribers, new leads, or new sales? If the answer is yes, then you will want to increase your ad budget and keep promoting. If not, you may want to optimize your Promoted Tweets. But first, you may want to diagnose the problem.

  • If you are getting a lot of impressions, but not a lot of engagements, then you need to modify your Promoted Tweets text.
  • If you are getting a lot of engagements and clicks to your website, but not a lot of conversions, then you need to modify your landing page.

Should the problem lie within the tweet itself, you can click on Edit Campaign button at the top of your campaign dashboard, scroll down to the

Tweets section of your ad campaign set up, and compose a new tweet to promote.

Once you’ve modified your Promoted Tweet, be sure to click “Save Campaign” button at the bottom of the ad set up screen and then click it one more time to confirm if it reappears at the top of your screen.

Make sure to monitor your new Promoted Tweet to see if it starts to drive conversions or need modifications.

Before we finish, make sure to take advantage of this 1 dollar offer today

Ultimate marketing for $1

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