You might be under the impression since I work from my home office I do not get stressed out. You couldn’t be more wrong. Daily visitors stopping by, feeling like my walls are closing in on me, barking dogs, hyperactive children, these are just a few of the stresses I have on a daily basis while working from the “comfort” of my home.

Well, you can just take a walk…

You would think that, wouldn’t you? But truth be told sometimes you find yourself glued to your seat even if you do work from home. That is why I like to take a break every few hours and do at least one of these 3 techniques. Enjoy!

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It’s time for a time out!

Remember back in kindergarten when there used to be nap time? Well, this is kind of like that. You’re not taking a full blown nap here guys. You’re just regathering yourself at this point. Clear your desk, fold your arms and lay your head down the whole time taking in some deep breaths.

I actually came across the best product for this, the only danger is…It’s too comfortable and you risk going into a deep sleep. Check out this awesome ostrich pillow!

Acupressure head massage…

Who doesn’t like a good massage? Working in an office setting can cause headaches, migraines, strained eyes, you name it. That’s why I recommend you take a few minutes a day and run through these 7 main pressure points on your head.

Remember to breathe…

It may seem like a given but many people forget to breathe when they are stressed out. I personally suffer from panic attacks and they usually stem from my lack of breathing. I have literally caught myself not taking a breath for as long as a minute, which then leads to my core muscles tensing up which inevitably brings on the panic attack.

I personally have a few apps downloaded to my tablet that helps me regulate my breathing throughout the day. One of my favorites is the Prana Breath App. There is a free version but if you need something more robust you can always upgrade to the paid version.

Of course, there’s always another solution

If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed we here at Up Automation focus on the technology it takes to automate your business. If this is an area you find yourself stressing about, contact us today for your free 30-minute consultation and we’ll dive in deeper to your needs!

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