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Are You Talking to Me? Know Your Target Audience

You do not have to have a psychology or marketing degree to understand the nuances of successful digital marketing. A good sense and a keen mind will quickly pick up on the pattern once you read through our “How To’s”.

However if you do not feel confident enough to undertake the whole project yourself or if you truly want to begin to master your Digital Marketing skills you may want to consider joining our 6 month DIY Digital Marketing Implementation Coaching Program. For a free consultation contact us today!!

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The Offer

It is incredibly important for you to have a lead magnet that someone actually wants to download, otherwise what is the point, right? Even if your ad is compelling, the audience is not going to want to give you their contact information in exchange for something that they are not interested in.

So you must ask yourself, am I offering something that my market actually wants? A Tripwire Offer doesn’t just say “hey, come because were great!”, it gives people the reason to do so, such as a special offer on the price, extra services a client will find desirable, a coveted package deal. Perfect examples:

  • 99$ dentist coupon that includes a free X-ray, full dental exam, professional cleaning
  • 19$ waterproof lighter for $0.01
  • 22,000 bristle make up brush for free Plus Shipping, etc.

The Copy

Your copy should convey why your offer/lead magnet is something that people want or at least should want. There is no one good way or one formula to use to write Copy for ads that go to lead magnets, markets and people in the markets are so different.

Some ads may have just one sentence at the top while others may have paragraphs and paragraphs of Copy. Just make sure that your Copy speaks to your market, really hits the issue that is sensitive to them, talks about the benefits of your offer. In all this….remember to SOUND HUMAN!

Facebook is a social platform where people come to read about their family and their friends, this isn’t a platform where people come to shop or be sold to. So you need to make sure that your Copy sounds personal and that it’s really written to speak to your market.

For example, an ad that says “Transform your career without disrupting your life” – with just one sentence they were able to give the call to action and the benefit and also hit the pain sensitive point regarding the disruption of the person’s life. This is perfect!

This ad is targeting middle-aged women with children who want to go back to work but don’t want to disrupt the life of their family. “Transform your career” was the benefit as that’s what they want. So they are speaking about the benefit and hitting the pain point all in one sentence.

While the ads vary, all successful ads have a similar theme. They are quoting specific numbers, they are hitting the pain point, they are speaking about a specific end benefit, and they are telling the reader what to do.

  • “Hit a Pain Point” – in the news feed description. You want to hit a spot that is sensitive to your audience, you want to hit a specific end benefit and you want to have a call to action. So even if the call to action is “Get Started Today!” or “Transform Your Career!” it doesn’t have to be a “GET THIS FREE THING!!!” you don’t want to yell at your target audience or attempt to bully them into a decision.
  • “What is it?” – Almost all successful ads use the headline to say whatever this lead magnet is. What are you giving them?
  • “Reiterate the Call-to-Action” – what are the benefits, use a testimonial, use that section to overcome any doubt that this person may have and to tell them what to do next.

You can’t teach copy on a blank form because it changes in every market depending on the offer, depending on your brand’s voice. But if you incorporate all of the elements described above and you write your as if you’re speaking to the person who is your ideal prospect face to face, these ads will have a high relevance score because people will respond well to them as they won’t see them as ads, they will see them as written messages that actually benefit them!

Ultimate marketing for $1

The Creative

When creating your ad campaign, remember that while we are often told not to judge a book by its cover, more often than not, it is the cover that makes us pick the book up. Using images and videos in Facebook advertising is not only a good idea, it is strongly encouraged! Again, if you are new in the digital marketing field or do not have very much time on your hands to play around with the settings a Facebook Advertising Virtual Assistant is a great way to ensure that your ad is done professionally and maximizes its potential. If you’re really strapped for time taking advantage of this 1 dollar offer is the way to go!

Whichever medium you feel most comfortable with, you’ll go about setting up your campaign the same way, optimizing the same way, you do everything the same regardless of whether you are using images or video. Remember our party analogy? Creative is the “wrapping paper”, it’s what most people see first, the image or the video you use in your ad draws attention long before they read any of your Copy so it really has to be the most interesting part of your ad campaign.

Be conscious of the image your Creative provides. A lot of times in an attempt to stand out and attract instant attention, companies go for the gaudy, the flashy and at times even for the risqué. If you do that, you are running the risk of your Creative looking like spam or even worse, a scam.

While images like that may catch attention, it is not the attention you want for your offer and will at best attract the wrong market and at worst, give your company a bad image in your clientele’s mind. So pick a Creative that really represents your offer, the message that you are trying to put out there with your Copy that is visually appealing and catches your market’s attention for all the right reasons.

Design Resources…

There are several different resources for designing images or slides in your video. DesignPickle.com is a great resource with unlimited monthly graphic designs. There’s also Canva.com, it’s a free graphic tool if you want to create them yourself.

If you notice, a lot of ads have a line of text on their images. There’s no rule saying you have to do this but it’s a great way to catch your audience’s eye. Remember you have less than 4 seconds to catch someone’s eye before they move on to the next piece of information.

It is also very important that you sit down and think about “What is my Copy portraying? What is the marketing message here? How can my image do the exact same thing?” A great way to go about it is to use a Google Adwords Virtual Assistant to help you with the task or you can simply take some of the key words that are inside of your Copy and use the Google Image search to see what images are actually most related to those keywords.

Google ranks them based on which images have been clicked on the most in relation to that keyword. So you can actually leverage Google data to see what images online portray certain keywords. We do that a lot to come up with ideas for our ads. Make sure you don’t actually use those images specifically but give them to your designer to use them as an inspiration.

For now, I think I have given you enough to think about and study up on. As you can see, while this information is crucial to your ad’s success, it isn’t rocket science. Sometimes we are so busy looking at the trees that we don’t actually get to see the forest. So take your time, step back, put yourself in the shoes of your target market and it will all click into place. And of course, look for the next installment on this subject coming out soon!

Schedule a Free DIY #DigitalMarketing Implementation Coaching Session Today! @upautomation

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