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Are you ready to harness the power of Messenger automation to increase the sales for your eCommerce brand?

Increase your monthly revenue by 10% to 35%, EVERY MONTH!

Are you ready to harness the power of  Messenger automation to increase the sales for your eCommerce brand?

Increase your monthly revenue by 10% to 35%, EVERY MONTH!

Automated Messenger Campaigns Out Perform Traditional Marketing Methods by 80%!

eCommerce businesses need customers to buy their products, become raving fans, and come back again and again.

But how do they do that and stand out from a crowded eCommerce space?

Easy! Convert your best performing funnels into an automated Messenger sequence, and now you have a central line of new and repeat customers on-demand and with open and engagement rates of up to 80%.

Facebook has 1.3 billion active users, and 8 billion messages inside Messenger, being exchanged between businesses and consumers every month with open rates between 70% and 80%.

Using Messenger makes good business sense, and increases monthly revenue by 10% to 35% every month.

Click to Messenger (CTM) campaigns have the highest interaction rates, and they are the easiest way to build your list, promote your products, answer frequently asked questions, reengage with customers, and take payments.

No need for a landing page or opt-in forms. Invite someone to your Messenger with a unique m.me link, comment trigger, or JSON, and now they're a subscriber...soon to be a customer.

Want to engage with your subscribers? Easy...send a Sponsored Message.

Sponsored Messages is where the REAL monetization takes place. You've done the work to build up subscribers, and now it's time to monetize those subscribers by giving them an offer directly in Messenger. These typically range from $15 to $20 CPM. That means you'll pay $15 to $20 to reach 1,000 people, and this is a steal.

Package Options

All packages include: Custom copy for each phase of the process. Content creation and images specific to your campaign and brand. Coaching, Weekly Check-in calls, Ongoing Optimization, and analytic reporting stats.

BASIC $1,997 mo

Step 1
  • Connect, Engage & Follow Up

Includes: Module 1 & Module 3

STANDARD $2,497 mo

Step 1

Connect, Engage, Follow Up & Influence

Includes: Module 1, Module 3, Module 4

PREMIUM $2,997 mo

Step 1

Connect, Engage, Follow Up, Influence & Retarget

Includes: All Modules

* Cancelation and Refund Policy: No commitment required, however due to the level of work involved
setting up your LinkedIn Lead Generation system, if you cancel mid-way through the setup process, there are no refunds.
Cancelations must be in writing 14 days before your next billing cycle. 

6 Bookings in 24 hours!

"In the first 24 hours of getting launched, I had six people schedule meetings with me! This is friggin awesome!"

Jamie Cooper

You need my secret weapon!  

"You need my secret weapon, Shannon Kuykendall, she doesn't mess around with all those worn out posting, searching, and waiting for the phone to ring ideas. She is the real deal! "

Linda James Bennett

Best decision I have ever made for my business!

I have been in business for over 37 years. One of the best business decisions I have made over the years has been to hire Shannon's company. Our relationship has been extremely beneficial and has helped me obtain new customers. I don't think I could have accomplished it on my own. Shannon and her team are professionals. I highly recommend hiring her Up Automation for anyone that is looking to grow and scale their business.

Michael Gold

Shannon is wicked smart!

I'm so happy I found Shannon! It's so important as a business owner that you are executing on multiple lead generation sources. Shannon is wicked smart and has helped our business create an awesome new lead channel. We literally saw results the day after we started with her.

Summer Mulder

Shannon’s marketing expertise and knowledge is extraordinary

Shannon’s marketing expertise and knowledge is extraordinary. She combines her knowledge of various digital marketing principles and strategies with powerful automation tools and technologies to successfully drive results for your business. Do you want to increase sales? Hire Shannon!

Leader Thinking

Lakeshia Ekeigwe