​"If you are PERSISTENT, you will get there. If you are CONSISTENT, you will keep it." ~ Harvey MacKay

Have you considered using LinkedIn to fill your calendar with your ideal prospects?

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How would you like to fill your calendar with HIGH-QUALITY LEADS without knocking on doors, relying on referrals, or cold calling?

LINKEDIN LEAD GENERATION, the untapped resource where all your ideal clients are hiding in plain sight.

Are you an agency owner, whose struggles with getting new clients in the door? If you are, then you're in the right place!

We use LinkedIn as the source for all lead generation.

The first thing we do is optimize your profile. Your profile is no longer a resume, but now an extension of your website. We mostly focus on everything above the fold.

Next, we search for your ideal prospects, view their profiles and invite them to connect. Once they accept, we respond with a personalized welcome email. This email encourages them to engage in a conversation or book a call.

In about ten business days we will send a follow-up message with some statistics, address some pain points and invite them to schedule a call with you. If they do not engage in this email, we send one more follow up messages in another ten days.

Our goal is to fill your calendars with prospects consistently and on an ongoing basis. It is up to you to close them.

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468 Highly Qualified Leads in 166 days!
The Draw Shop Case Study

“I want to thank you and Daniel for the work you've put into the lead generation. You've had incredible success is sourcing quality leads for me."

– Caroline Leopold
Fuel Copy

"In the last 24 hours of getting started, I have had six people schedule meetings with me! This is friggin awesome!"

– Jamie Copper
Cannabiz Connection

"Are you tired of guessing, experimenting, and posting updates all over LinkedIn with nothing to show for it? You need my secret weapon, Shannon Kuykendall, she doesn't mess around with all those worn out posting, searching, and waiting for the phone to ring ideas. She is the real deal! She will show you how to use LinkedIn to generate leads for your ideal clients like a ninja warrior. No more guesswork - just clients."

– Linda James Bennett
Shiny Object Marketing

“Shannon is amazing! She updated my LinkedIn Profile to focus on my core offer and then setup a strategic and structured campaign to generate qualified leads for that offer. She executed perfectly on the mission and was incredibly professional. As an additional benefit, my LinkedIn connections have tripled with the right type of connections with high engagement. I am looking forward to hiring her again for my next lead generation campaign."

– Jean Christofferson
Relavant Tools

"If you're a B2B company, generating appointments with qualified decision makers can be a frustrating challenge. In fact, if you can't generate enough leads, you're headed for disaster. There many different channels for generating leads, but there is no better B2B platform then LinkedIn. Shannon and her team at UpAutomation provide an excellent, cost-effective service that helped me connect, engage, and set sales appointments on LinkedIn. Shannon operates with a high-level of professionalism and follows through on her promises."

– Sam Smith
SAP Partner

“Shannon will help you scale your business to the next level. Before I met her, I thought my LinkedIn strategy was perfect, but it was far from the truth. If you are considering selling with LinkedIn, I would highly recommend you get Shannon's services."

– Mikaël Bérubé
Regain Media

"Shannon was a great support and taught us how to gain clients for our new business on LinkedIn. I appreciated how accessible she was and how honest she was with what our business needed."

– Des Holder
Website and Graphic Designer

"I'm so happy I found Shannon! It's so important as a business owner that you are executing on multiple lead generation sources and doing it organically is one of the best ways. Shannon is wicked smart and has helped our business create an awesome new lead channel. We literally saw results the day after we started with her."

- Summer Felix-Mulder
The Draw Shop
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